The baby is almost here. Time to think about what is the best gift you can give the mom-to-be since being at their baby shower will bring a smile to their face but bringing a gift along would warm their heart. Here is a list of the best gifts you can offer:

1.A safe baby crib
The clearer it is the safer it is. With no stuffed toys, pillows or blankets, a sleep sack is the smart cozy choice to go for. It is comfortable all the while keeping the baby warm. This gift is affordable and thoughtful as well as unique. Few people would think of gifting the mom-to-be with this.

2. Some baby clothing
The list here is endless: There are socks, onesies, vests, dresses, shawls, caps, sleep gowns and towels. You can decide to be creative and roll the onesies and washcloths into flowers to represent a centre piece. As much as the items bought are the most important and obvious gift, the thoughtfulness put into the purchase will be highly appreciated. As we know, a baby needs all the clothes he or she can get.

3.A baby diaper bag
The diaper bag should have enough room to put baby clothing and the diapers. It should have pockets for the baby’s food and bottles, preferably insulated pockets. The bag should have grown up appealing colors so that the mom is comfortable walking around with it.

4.Baby bath tab
An infant-to-toddler bathtub is the usually one of the best gifts as most newborns grow fast. A newborn bath tab may only serve the purpose for only a short while which may not be convenient for the parent. So consider purchasing one that the baby will use over time.

5.A boppy pillow
This pillow is placed around the waist while feeding the baby, to ensure the baby is comfortable and at the right height during feeding. It is a good buy and will surely ensure that the mother looks forward to feeding her child.

6.Baby blankets
Nice blankets that a baby can be wrapped and swaddled into to ensure they sleep for much longer are moms’-to-be dream gift. This will ensure the baby sleeps more hence giving sufficient rest for the parents. An uncomfortable baby means uncomfortable parents and sleepless nights mean tired parents. Nobody likes being woken up in the middle of their sleep by the cries of an uncomfortable baby. Purchase the best swaddle blankets you can possibly get.

7.A baby stroller
This is the ideal gift for a mom-to-be as it will make her walks with the baby easy. Carrying the baby on the arms is quite tiring and every mother needs a stroller for those long walks to the store or the doctor’s office.

8.A high chair
A high chair is essential for a baby during feeding time. The baby can be strapped to the chair while being fed. They can also be left there just to chill and relax. This also helps the baby to learn to sit upright.

9.Chew beads
Babies love to put items in their mouths. Getting safe chew beads for the mother to wear like a necklace is the perfect gift. Also, when babies are teething, they need something safe to chew on to relieve the pain. This is a very thoughtful gift to present to the mother-to-be..

I believe this will make your gift purchasing easier. Happy shopping!