If your little angel has come to the world and you are a new parent, with excitement and happiness here comes so many responsibilities. Every parent wants to give the best care to their baby. To be the best parent, you must know how to take care of your little box of happiness, what to buy for the baby and how to maintain all the things together. Rearing a baby is a tough job, but you can narrow down your options for the best applications and make a checklist for the first six-week of your baby.

Here are some of the essential gears every parent must have for the first six-week of your baby.

  • Baby clothing: Your new baby is still a soft one with no requirements of exclusive designer clothing. You must buy some clothes that match your weather condition. If your baby is born in a hot climate, buy some cotton cloth that have easy changing facilities and ensure comfort to your baby. It will be wiser to buy some heavy clothes and cap for a cold winter. Make sure the fabric of the clothes is high in quality, because skin irritation may occur due to the wrong clothing.
  • Cloth diaper or disposable diaper: A six-week baby has to go through several times in a day. So, you must have enough supply to change the diapers frequently and watch for any rashes when changing disposable diapers. Parents may use cream for diaper rashes. Every time you change the diaper, clean your baby with a little warm water and dry them before putting into another one.
  • Baby bath: Your baby is ready for the first bath. Take care of the baby’s umbilical cord as it may not have dried off still now. You can buy a baby bath that is best fit for your baby and also provide a good support to the baby’s neck and head. Using baby soap is not recommended for the first six-week, however, cleaner with natural ingredients may be used. Bath cream or lotion should be selected carefully to avoid skin irritation or any kind of allergic reaction.
  • Baby blanket: Your baby has spent nine months in the warmest place of the world and it needs at least a couple of months to adjust with the environment outside. Buy a high-quality baby blanket or peep into the baby shower gifts to find one. Try to keep them warmer as they are more sensitive to diseases from cold at their early stages.
  • Baby food: It is highly recommended to breastfeed your baby for the first six months. However, if there’s any emergency health condition of the mother and it becomes important to buy baby food, only the baby foods that are suggested by the pediatrician should be allowed to your baby at an early stage.

Parents can do their best by keeping their baby in a regular check ensuring safety. Buying a baby basket also helps parents moving the baby from place to place.  For the first six-week, your baby needs intensive care to prevent any health risk. Buying these essential things will help your parenting in a good way.